Investing in tomorrow’s leaders is today’s smartest climate change strategy.

Climate change poses massive long term economic and social problems. We have to act now, but where do we start?

Simple. With people. A small and smart investment today in young leaders can produce major long term climate outcomes.

Fact: Our teenagers will soon become the leaders we depend on. Fact: While they inherit the damage we caused, only they can create and manage a sustainable future. Fact: We must act decisively now to give them training, opportunity and our faith.

Meet the Arctic Climate Leadership Challenge (ACLC), the world’s first national youth climate leadership program.

Through this innovative two-year program of engagement, education, direct experience and network communications, we will develop the world’s most effective national network of action-orientated young climate leaders. And we’re not stopping there.

The ACLC program’s first aim is to develop the nation’s capacity to courageously adapt both locally and nationally to the unavoidable economic and social challenges of climate change.

Its second aim is to extend Australia’s global climate change leadership by franchising the proven CLC program model worldwide, especially to developing nations, with the aim of expanding the global network of effective young climate leaders.

The Arctic Climate Leadership Challenge central program is primarily aimed at Australia’s 540,000 students in Years 9-10. Students from Years 11-12 (440,000) are also welcome to apply. This is the climate task force for tomorrow. This is where it starts.

A small investment today, to produce a mighty return tomorrow.


The principal problem


The principal solution

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