International television documentary partners

We have partnered with Sydney-based Freehand Group, which has extensive experience working with international producers, directors, broadcasters, distributors and production companies. Freehand develops and delivers innovative programming, formats and intellectual property in traditional and evolving new media. Freehand is part-owned by BBC Worldwide, the main commercial arm of the BBC, ensuring that our television series will get the best international distribution.

Freehand recently completed a showcase documentary on Australia for international distribution, which was narrated by Academy Award winner Russell Crowe.

Currently under development is a 4-part program series for National Geographic that will chart the personal stories of our Young Explorers as they grapple with the hardships of personal development in the Arctic cold and the challenge of undertaking important scientific research amid the coastal fjords and on the icecap.


Multi-award winning Director / Cameraman

Michael Dillon, the multi-award winning Australian Director/Cameraman of adventure and expedition documentaries, who has won more awards in this field than any other individual worldwide, will play a key role in filming both the University and the Arctic expedition.

Mike’s documentary ‘Everest: Sea to Summit’ was the most internationally awarded Adventure documentary of all time winning nine Grand Prizes at International Mountain and Exploration Film Festivals worldwide.

He has made 5 Adventure Documentaries with Sir Edmund Hillary, including the famous ‘From the Ocean to the Sky’. His latest film of Sir Edmund’s work with the Sherpa people has won 5 International Awards.

Mike’s expeditions have included the first Australian Ascent of Everest in 1984, two Everest Ballooning Expeditions, a base jumping expedition in the Karakoram, four Antarctic Expeditions, two English Channel Swims, as well as journeys into Siberia, Irian Jaya, Africa and the Andes, and a bizarre journey from London to Sydney in a London Black Cab.

He has received two US Primetime Emmy nominations for cinematography, won Australia’s top award for Documentary Cinematography (the ACS Golden Tripod Award) two years in succession. Michael has also worked on a major natural history documentary with Sir David Attenborough.

Mike is a founding Director of the Australian Himalayan Foundation, a Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society, London, and holds the inaugural Australian Geographic Silver Medallion for Excellence.


Michael Dillon AM FRGS

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