Earl de Blonville FRGS

Earl's role, as the project's creator, is to keep the vision pure and relevant to ensure that all of the project's objectives are fully met and that the project provides a great experience for everyone involved.

He has a lifetime of adventure and a solid commitment to youth development and community service. As a professional mountaineering instructor in the UK and Australia, he taught a range of adventure activities to many ability levels. In 1986 he led Australia's first Arctic expedition, with HRH The Prince of Wales as his patron. His internationally released film has been shown on the BBC, ABC and Discovery. Over several expeditions, Earl has explored half of Greenland's navigable coast in his yacht and sea kayak.

In 1988, Earl was Director of the internationally televised Tall Ships 5-day event at which the Prime Minister officially opened Australia's Bicentenary celebrations. He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, London, and has served as consultant to other Arctic and desert expeditions.

He has made first ascents and led many expeditions, including scientific exploration, to mountain, desert and Arctic regions. As a leadership trusted advisor he works with senior executives. His acclaimed book on leadership 'Seventh Journey' is available online from: www.earldeblonville.com


Earl de Blonville

Deputy Arctic Leader
Vonna Keller WMI NOLS

Vonna has responsibly for the operation of the whole field program, including overall logistics, adventure programs, science program, resupply and filming operations.

She is one of Australia’s most highly skilled outdoors professionals, with 13 years in Outdoor Education. Vonna holds leader’s qualifications in diving, skiing and cliff rescue, and is an instructor and senior practitioner in wilderness medicine with the internationally acclaimed NOLS.

As a Field Training Officer and Guide with the Australian Antarctic Division, Vonna has frontline responsibility for the field training of scientific and support personnel as well as large-scale supply logistics for Antarctic operations, including filming programs, aircraft and maritime logistics and overland track vehicles, as well as ongoing support for the extensive scientific programs.

Vonna has wide international experience including Canada, Switzerland, New Zealand, the US and Pakistan and is an experienced wilderness filmmaker, working on productions for Discovery, ABC, National Geographic and Australian television that include Getaway, Survivor and Baseclimb 2 (Glen Singleman’s famous jump from Great Trango).


Vonna Keller

Director: Arctic Leadership Program
Tyson Lehmann DipOR. BClinPrac. WMI NOLS

Tyson is responsible for development and operation of the adventure training component of the expedition. This will include skills training, mini adventures, exploratory treks inland and the famous Solo experience. He is also responsible for wilderness medicine and search and rescue.

He is an international adventure training professional, with extensive senior qualifications in experiential education, mountaineering, small boat handling, whitewater rescue and wilderness medicine and life support. Tyson’s leadership and management experience extends from special operations with the Department of Defence and Special Forces to Outward Bound in Canada and Australia, as well as Charles Sturt University and the University of NSW.

His expeditions have taken him on extended trips dogsledding, wilderness canoeing and mountaineering across Canada, New Zealand, Australia and recently on assignment to Africa.


Tyson Lehmann

Expedition Guide
Peter the Hunter

Peter is responsible for the procurement of fresh local Inuit food to feed the expedition. He draws on his many years experience living the traditional Inuit lifestyle as an East Greenland hunter. Peter is a highly experienced Arctic traveller with intimate knowledge of the East Greenland coast and its wide range of flora and fauna. As a hunter, he has a unique knowledge of the movement and peculiarities of the south-flowing East Greenland Polar Current, as well as the area’s unique seasonal weather and ice conditions.

He has a deep understanding of the local culture and is fluent in the Greenlandic language. He is committed to helping our Young Explorers understand Mankind’s roots and our common traditional values, and to developing their natural survival instincts. Today he works in the timber industry in Jutland and his daughter, born in Greenland, is a kindergarten teacher in Denmark.


Peter the Hunter

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